Colosseum introductory webinar (10/02/2020)

This webinar contains seven sessions. Session 1 starts with a high-level overview of the Colosseum architecture and its role in wireless research, followed by a description of some key research use cases that can be studied by utilizing Colosseum resources in Session 2. These include WiFi, Cellular/5G, Open RAN, Mesh/Ad Hoc Networks/UAVs, Spectrum Sharing, MIMO/Beamforming, Lora/LPWAN, and AI in wireless. In Session 3, we will discuss how to migrate Colosseum experiments to PAWR platforms. Session 4 takes a deep dive into Colosseum RF and Traffic emulation scenarios, followed by a live demonstration of running a basic experiment on Colosseum for first time users in Session 5. We will continue with two more short live demos in Session 6. This includes a know-how to access the logs in the file-proxy server for a completed experiment, as well as introductions to preparing customized LXC containers on users’ local environments and how to upload them to Colosseum servers for user specific experiments. The webinar will be concluded by reviewing some of the current and future plans for Colosseum events and community outreach in Session 7.

Recorded videos as well as presentation files of each of the sessions are accessible from the links below.

Session 1: Introduction to Colosseum

Session 2: Colosseum Use Cases

Session 3: From Colosseum to PAWR

Session 4: Colosseum Scenarios and Traffic

Session 5: How to use Colosseum: First Time Users

Session 6: Colosseum File Proxy and Container Creation

Session 7: Colosseum Events and Community